About Ellen

January 13, 2015
Ellen is a Melbourne-based freelance portrait photographer who finds inspiration from the quirky characters she meets along the way, on her many journeys in and out of Australia. Having travelled solo to 14 countries (so far), she embraces whichever photographic endeavour is thrown her way, and is far from limited to one style of portraiture.

Having trained with the multi-award winning wedding photographer Rocco Ancora for two years, Ellen has obtained a wealth of knowledge in taking memorable wedding portraits and capturing the true essence and intimacy of such a special day. It may help that she is also a hopeless romantic.

Additionally having trained alongside Peter Coulson of Koukei (Australian Professional Photographer of the Year, AIPP 2010, & 2013) for two years, she has honed her technical skills in and out of the studio, whilst staying true to a unique ‘alternative’ nature in her imagery, being known for her bright use of colour in juxtaposition with dark subject matter.

Ellen helped create and run the Edinburgh photography studio and worked as head photographer for leading photographic company Jessops in the UK, predominantly photographing families, couples, children and infants.

Her skills have helped her obtain a vast array of clients from fashion designers to brides-to-be, grunge bands to week-old babies. Her keen eye for detail in both posed and candid imagery allows her to mould her styling to whatever the client desires.

Where there is an event with colourful people, you will guarantee to see Ellen there, snapping away with a big grin. This is not a job for her, this is a way of life. Not a day goes by where something, ANYTHING is not photographed.

Her weaknesses are collecting an enormous array of props and makeup for photo shoots (having taken over three rooms of the house...so far), Disney movies, singing even though she doesn't know the words, and dancing like nobody is watching.

· Images exhibited in the Federation Gallery for Top Arts, Melbourne 2003
· Studied Applied Design at RMIT and Diploma of Photoimaging at NMIT
· 2007 Silver Distinction Award and Silver Award for Portraiture and Editorial at the APPA Awards- AIPP
· Images published in Dolly, Gothic Beauty, Beat and BULB magazines
· Head Photographer of Jessops in Edinburgh, Scotland 2011-2012
· Started 'Spot Photography', specialising in fine art family, kids and baby portraits 2013
· Started 'Ivory Photography', specialising in fine art wedding photography 2014